SEE You Next Summer!!

Registration will begin  SPring of 2024!​​


2023 Summer Camp

(grades K-4)

*Must currently be attending a Kindergarten program

Are you looking for a place your child can have fun and be engaged in learning all summer long?

​Weekly Themes

Week 1 (6/12-6/16)      Arts & Crafts Out the Wazzo

Learn and create unique arts and crafts all week long. Projects include; bubble painting, fly swatter painting, Boho yarn twigs, key wind chime, and construct many 3-D art projects. 

Week 2 (6/20 - 6/23)     Grossology

Make snot slime, dissect an owl pellet, grow bacterial in a petri dish, make your own germ creature, learn how your stomach digests food, make blood slime and edible skin, perform a bending bones experiment (not yours lol), learn how germs spread, and dissect a jello brain.

Week 3 (6/26 - 6/30)    Backyard Science

Enjoy the outdoors while conducting science experiments and activities. Activities include;  sun prints, birdseed ornaments, water pistol painting, nature’s brushes, solar ovens, giant bubbles, and performing the “watermelon” challenge. 

Week 4 (7/3 - 7/7)      Fireworks & Picnics

Explore the science of fireworks. Create red, white, and blue arts & crafts. Have an outdoor picnic with fellow campers. Play yard games and have extra wet ‘n wacky days. *Closed 7/4/23- 4-day camp week

Week 5  (7/10-7/14)    Water Works

Make a cork sailboat. Build a strong foil boat. Explore how a siphon works. Find out why some holes in a bag do not leak & how many drops of water fit on a penny. Learn why water is important for our bodies to function. Explore melting and freezing. Make a sticky snowman & learn how icebergs float. It is a week of water, water everywhere. 

Week 6  (7/17-7/21)    Candy Chemistry

Food science at its best! Make ice cream in a bag, take the ‘s’ off skittle candy, make elephant toothpaste, a mentos geyser, and homemade bouncy balls. 

Week 7  (7/24-7/28)    It's Game Time 

It will be a week of challenges and games while working on team building, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills.

Week 8  (7/31-8/4)     Space Exploration 2.0

Learn about the planets of our solar system, make oreo phases of the moon, create moon craters, build a space shuttle, create constellation cards, and build a galaxy mobile, make astronaut ice cream and galaxy dough. 

Week 9  (8/7 - 8/11)    Ecosystems 101

Students will learn the importance of ecosystems on our planet earth by exploring the oceans, rainforests, deserts, and mountains. 

Week 10  (8/14-8/18)    GLOW Science

Experiments and the study of glowing things!! Make glow slime. Write in the dark with glowing ink. Learn about earth’s creatures that glow in the dark. We will finish the week off with a GLOW party!!

*Field trip destination TBA

Days- Choose either:  

                Monday thru Friday          



Hours- Choose either: 

Program Hours

                (8:00 am to 2:30 pm)               


  After Care Hours

(until 4:00 pm)

Daily Summer Camp Schedule Includes:

  • Session 1 Activity
  • AM Snack
  • Session 2  Activity
  • Outdoor Recess or Wet 'n Wacky Wednesdays 
  • Lunch & Free time
  • Session 3 Activity

Children will need to bring the following:

  • Lunch, Snacks & Water Bottle (milk provided)
  • Sunblock
  • Bathing Suit & Towel (not mandatory) Wednesday Only
  • Extra outfit, just in case (we get messy sometimes:)

Questions? Call us!